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Navene is one of the hot spots for kitesurfing in Italy for good reason. Navene is a very small locale where less than 300 people reside year-round. What it interesting about the area is its locale—within the region of Veneto. This is an area rich with culture and natural beauty.

It is surrounded by the Dolomite Mountain region and the Adriatic Sea. Navene sits just at the Lago di Garda—the largest lake in the country of Italy. When you visit, you’ll love the view. It has been evolving for centuries; in fact, the lake dates back to the eighth century. Because of the narrow end, which is the Navene northern end, residents of the area get to see across the waters to the mountains as they rise above Limone Sul Garda.


Why Navene Is Great For Learning Kitesurfing

There are a lot of reasons why Navene is the perfect setting for outdoor activities. The particularly mild weather is perfect for outdoor fun. Because of this it is a center for kiteschools in Navene. As you move up and down the shores of Lake Garda you will fund them plentifully situated. Whether you want to try it as a one-time sport or you are up for a full adventure, you can easily find an instructor who will work with you to make the day memorable.


In general, the area is considered an Oceanic climate. That means you’ll love the summers when temperatures can range into the high 80s and above. It isn’t known to be a hot climate, but it can reach to pleasant warmth that allows for on-the-water activities—making them pleasantly enjoyable. Take advantage of the weather when you want to learn how to kitesurf.


As you walk up and down the river, you will be startled at the number of kite schools in Navene. The good news with options is that you can vet through them to find the perfect school for you. Some schools will offer by-the-hour rates and others will give you day-rates. You can pick which works best for you as based on the number of hours you have to dedicate to this fun sport.

Although you may want to find a kitesurf school Navene at the warmest times, be assured that the weather is so pleasant that you can partake in the sport relatively any time of year. If it is a little chillier, you can always rent a wetsuit to help you manage the temperature. The best thing about Navene though is that as it sits on the beachfront of the Riva del Garda, an area that is known for having some of the strongest winds in the country. As you get to know the sport of kitesurfing, you’ll begin to value the winds. Without it, you may be puttering along; with it, you will glide on the waters. 

When Is The Best Time Of Year For Learning Kitesurfing

The best time of the year for finding a kitesurfing school in Navene, is in the warmer months. In general these will begin the end of June throughout the end of September. These months will give you the best days that you will enjoy your kitesurfing classes. Remember too that these are the most popular months so you may have to search a few classes to find ones that are available. The good news though is that kitesurfing is very popular so there are plenty of options.

When you get to the city, your best bet is to start walking down the Lake Garda. You will see different options and different kite schools in Navene. First decide how long you plan on dedicating your time to the sport. Once you know if you have a few hours or a few days, you can then plan on the best option for your budget. Every school will be flexible and have different packages for you to pick. Make sure that each one offers you the equipment you need and either a moderate class size, or one-on-one learning. 

You may benefit from one-on-one learning due to the high winds of the area. They definitely help you to make the most of your class, but they also can be challenging to get used to when you first begin. This is why having an instructor to work with you and help you maneuver can be the best way to get you standing and riding the winds like a pro! 

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