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If you're looking for kite surfing or a fitting kit school, consider Portugal as the setting. What you’ll find is that to make the most of kite surfing if you have the perfect place to enjoy it. When you go kite surfing you’ll be soaring on the water. By definition you’ll be armed with a kite and a small-sized surfboard. The goal is to catch the wind perfectly with your kite and glide effortlessly as you bask in the sun.

If you love the outdoors, then kitesurfing is definitely a sporting challenge you should try. Always consider the area so you can make the most of your experience. Finding kite schools in Portugal is going to add to your overall experience and give you one that you first, will love writing home about and second, will want to return to time and time again!

Kitesurfing In Portugal

Because it is a sport that enjoys the outdoors, finding the most beautiful places to do it is definitely a plus. Portugal is a popular location because of the general climate, which is considered to be a Mediterranean one. That means that the winter months are considerably mild, and the summers are very warm. That plays perfectly to an outdoor, high-energy sport like kite surfing.


What you’ll love about learning kite surfing in Portugal is the setting is perfect. With highs at around 110 to 118-degrees, getting yourself on the water is perfect to cool off. In addition, you’ll find that the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean is a delightful one. Just imagine the views it offers!

When you decide to learn kitesurfing in the area, you likely will look for good kite schools in Portugal. You should always have a list of things you want in the ideal kitesurf school in Portugal. One of the important things you should consider how you connect with the instructor. If you don’t like the instructor or don’t trust him you may want to find another school.Kite surfing carries risks and you should check with your school what kind of safety procedures they have in place. Like with any sport it is important to be aware of the risks and how to mitigate them. Your school should have a plan in place.

Compare the kind of equipment they have available and make sure that the equipment and the kite sizes work for you. And of course compare the total costs of the lessons or course.


Kite school in Portugal is something that you’ll never forget. Once you find the right instructor, you’ll never forget your first few successful glides. Hopefully you’ll have friends along to take pictures and likely you’ll want to get right back on the waters. Be sure that you're ready for the activity as an all-day one; kitesurf school in Portugal is an early morning to late afternoon thing to do. You are going to spend a few days experiencing the waters and outdoor fun of Portugal!


Why Portugal Is A Perfect Fit For Kitesurfing

When you are looking to learn kitesurfing in Portugal, you are going to have a true appreciation for the sport. Sure you can try it in a lesser area—there are plenty of places that you can try it. The honest truth though is that you won’t find many places as beautiful and weather-appropriate as Portugal. One added fact you’ll enjoy is that the water temperature can rise to about 73-degrees under the hot Portugal sun. That means you’ll have no problem being submerged. Plus, as you work up a sweat with your newfound sport, you’ll get cooled off by the blue waters.


Portugal is the perfect fit for kitesurfing because of the weather that is 100%-conducive to being outside and enjoying it. If you were looking for a Mediterranean-experience, then this is the idea one. Not only can you enjoy the topography and mountains, but you can use kite school in Portugal as your ideal activity throughout your stay.

Best Time To Kitesurf In Portugal

There definitely is a “best” time to visit Portugal if you're looking to learn kitesurfing. From December 21st through March 20th, it is considered winter in the area. Because it is a Mediterranean-climate you’ll still see plenty of sun, but it won’t be as warm. In the winters you can expect temperatures as low as 14-degrees. That means you likely won’t want to venture out onto the waters as the height of winter.

On the other hand, if you pick the summer months to visit, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the beautifully sunny and downright hot weather. While if you are in a stuffy vehicle or sitting on the beach, you may not like the 104-degree-on-average temperatures, if you're being doused with warm waters of the Atlantic to cool you down, you’ll love it. You can still take a periodic respite on the beach and enjoy some downtime, but the excitement of learning kitesurfing in Portugal will be a high priority that you won’t want to miss.

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