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The surf paradise of Tarifa is located on the southernmost coast of Spain and is one of the worlds most popular secret destinations. The small town has a large business population that specializes in training wind sports to others from far and away. Tarifa has become a popular retreat for Europeans escaping from the North for the summer. Tarifa is a hot locale for tourists and locals to enjoy the best temperatures and wind for kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing season in Tarifa

The best time to visit and explore the air and ocean for kitesurfing is during the summer between the months of May to December. The average high temperature during the summer is in the mid 70s with little to no precipitation and maximum sunshine hours. Tarifa is a Mediterranean climate with the ocean winds, storms and temperature changes from the ocean water. Rain occurs heavily during the winter months with scarcely dry and windy summers. Due to the southern location, the ocean influences Tarifa creating its own microclimate separate from the towns further from the ocean that are warmer during the summer and cooler during the winter.


Tarifa - kitesurfing clinics for your skills

Many natives offer the best wind sports lessons and learning opportunities for all ages. The natives have over 300 years of experiences offering tourists a small escape floating on the surface of the ocean. Many kitesurfing businesses offer beginning kite lessons for children and adults. They also offer advanced kite surfing for the frequent wind surfer. There are inexpensive options for all tourists alike to enjoy the outdoor environment for the family by going to a kitesurfing clinic offered for the day from seasoned locals.

The beaches in Tarifa

There are three popular southern beaches in Tarifa, Playa de Los Lances, Valdevaqueros, Punta Paloma. Punta Paloma is the most popular beach for windsurfers offering the best conditions for learning how to wind surf or kitesurf. Europeans love Punta Paloma and visit frequently during the summer to absorb the long summer days. Two different winds flow from the ocean into the land for over 300 days a year. The constant wind streams from the Atlantic and the African continent give Tarifas beaches a unique wind condition, microclimate and turbines perfect for outdoor sports and not found anywhere in the world.


Events & adventures in Tarifa

The perfect location of Tarifa, Spain offers other safe and frequent events and activities for all ages along the beach and in the inner city. During the winter months tourist and the locals enjoy the Roman and Greek influences through the ancient buildings, castles and ruins. Popular churches, mosques and gates have survived since the 13th century. Tarifa is located in a natural reserve offering unbelievable sights for migrating birds. The storks cross the Straits of Gibraltar to migrate during the autumn and spring months.

A popular boat ride among tourist is whale watching and the tour guides have no problem finding the many families that migrate through the waters near the beaches. Alongside the whales and the tour boats you can also see dancing dolphins thriving in the pristine warm ocean water through the Straits. While on the boat you can also enjoy learning scuba diving to truly experience everything under the sea.

Entertainment is found outside the water alongside the shore in Tarifa and inland with nightly Spanish influenced dances called discos, food and music. The miles of sidewalk offer walk up food, drinks and luxury living accommodations. Everything that offers pleasure to your senses is found alongside the beach. The peaceful sound of the ocean water to the taste of Spanish cuisine, Tarifa has everything of culture to offer to the world.

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